Fremantle, WA


Price: $17.45 (+ $1.60 if you want ham)

Size: Hella shit. Smaller than your ex boyfs dick like 2/10

Quality of Chips: Not even cripsy and they were all those pissy small ones at the bottom 1.5/10

Quality of Chicken: The chicken was pretty tender I guess but i think that was bc it was thick. The crumbs were burnt and it was really frickin small so 2/10

Quality of Salad: The tomatoes were fresh at least, but the cucumber was really dry on the outside so idk how long ago that salad had been prepared :/ 1.5/10

Cheese and Sauce: Nothing special really. The cheese didn’t cover the whole thing but there was a nice amount of sauce. 3/10

Appearance: Kinda boring tbh 1/10


(soz I ate before taking a pic, I was hungry)

Other Stuff: THERE WAS A HEAP OF CRUMBS WITHOUT CHICKEN SO ITS ACTUALLY SMALLER OMFG ANd also why did you make me pay for ham? A chicken parma should come with the ham included biatch.

Over All Rating: like 0.2/ 10 it was that bad. Order something else from Dome bc that was more disappointing than your first time.

Lenny’s Hub

St Leonards, Victoria

Date: 8/1/14

Price: $22.50 (ouch)

Size: It was decent I suppose, but it was only single breast. I would have liked it to be bigger so 5/10

Quality of Chips: Really perf chips when they came out, but they got a bit soggy from the chicken after a while. 7/10

Quality of Chicken: My chicken was pretty good, very thick and well cooked and the crumbs were cripsy but not burnt„ buttt my friend got a piece that was thin and was consequently over cooked and dry. So pretty inconsistent chicken cooking I think. 5.5/10

Quality of Salad: Wasn’t overly appetising but it was ok. At least it wasn’t from woolworths :/ 4/10

Cheese and Sauce: The sauce was pretty damn fine and the cheese was stretchy which is all you can ask from cheese i guess so 5/10

Appearance: Looked kinda cute with these little chive things on top of the parma (6.5/10)

Other Stuff: The restaurant service is crap, the table we were lead to hadn’t been cleaned and the waitress removed the plates before everyone was finished eating (super rude dude wth). The acoustics of the room was terrible, and there was kids screaming and shit, but there was free wifi and it was pretty damn fast so bonus points for you glenn coco.

Over All Rating: 6.5/10 

Millers Inn Parma

Altona, Victoria

Date: 23/12/2013

Price: $12 lunch special, including a pot (frick yeah)

Size: Pretty damn big, double breasted chicken (y) but it wasn’t so big that you couldn’t eat all of it. 10/10

Quality of Chips: They weren’t too bad but I’ve had better ya know? 5/10

Quality of Chicken: The crumbs were more soggy than a whore’s nickers and the chicken was a little bit dry, but the size omfg 6/10

Quality of Salad: Absolute shit. Probably that pre cut stuff from Woolies (ew gross) and it didn’t even have salad dressing??? idek 1/10

Cheese and Sauce: The cheese was awesome, but the sauce was nothing special I guess» 5.5/10

Appearance: uh there wasn’t really anything special about this parma other than the size of it. Nothing pretty and nothing ugly (other than the salad) 4/10

Other Stuff: dID NOT COME WITH HAM WTF (but maybe they are just catering for muslims or something idk but thats cool i guess). The bar had free wifi but it was so terrible it was a detriment to the place. The service was decent but all they played was sport and video clips from the 80s on the tv.

Over all rating: 6/10 (could have been higher bc size, but the salad was really shit)